11th Women Advance IT Leadership Exchange

Conference to Cocktails!

Enjoy cocktails and conversation with your presenters and peers after the conference at The Alto 234!

Conference Fees: 

Conference Fees: 
R 9,999 Excl vat (per delegate)  In-Person.
Register 4 Delegates and 5th Seat for Free.
Credit Card Payment Option Available.
Register Now: https://www.conferencehub.co.za/registration


The Women Advance IT Leadership Exchange is designed to inspire, educate, and empower women in the field of information technology. This conference aims to create a dynamic platform where female leaders in IT can share insights, experiences, and strategies to advance in their careers while shaping the future of the industry.
Through highly interactive sessions designed to stimulate conversation and cooperation, the exchange's mission is to give attendees the chance to form communities that drive creativity, enable knowledge exchange, and offer assistance. 
Join us after the exchange for cocktails and conversation with your presenters and peers at The Alto 234! and share ideas to unlock greater results, recognition, and ROI for your efforts.
The Women Advance IT Leadership Exchange is open to everyone regardless of gender, race, and background. Participants will hear how leaders drive change forward, inspiring stories by women in tech & allies, the newest trends in technology and how they impact our everyday life. 

Highlights Include:

Inspiring Keynotes: Gain insights from leading voices in the tech industry on overcoming barriers and advancing in tech leadership roles.
Interactive Workshop:  "Generative AI: Unleashing Innovation and Business Transformation," to explore cutting-edge technologies and their applications.
Engaging Discussions: Join discussions on crucial topics like resilience, adaptability, and leading through uncertainty, featuring experienced women leaders who have successfully navigated these challenges.
Comprehensive Sessions: Deep dive into essential subjects, including cyber resilience, tech-savvy leadership, and the future of remote and hybrid work environments.
Networking Opportunities: Connect with like-minded professionals during dedicated networking breaks, lunch sessions, and cocktail to build valuable relationships
Real-World Examples: Learn from case studies and success stories that demonstrate best practices in fostering inclusive tech environments and navigating boardroom dynamics.
Focus on Mental Health: Address mental health challenges unique to the tech industry, with sessions dedicated to maintaining well-being and achieving work-life balance.

Key issues to be discussed include:

Benefits of Attending Include
Career Advancement: Gain strategies to identify and dismantle barriers, build essential leadership skills, and leverage networks for career growth.
Skill Development: Enhance your ability to adapt to rapid technological changes, manage crises effectively, and lead distributed teams in remote and hybrid work models.
Leadership Empowerment: Acquire the skills necessary for effective leadership and governance in the boardroom and learn how to build influence and authority.
Innovative Thinking: Discover how generative AI and other emerging technologies can drive innovation and transform business models.
Inclusive Leadership: Learn how to foster inclusive tech environments and implement diversity initiatives that have measurable impacts.
Cyber Resilience: Develop robust security strategies to protect your organization’s digital assets against sophisticated cyber threats.
Personal Well-being: Get practical advice on recognizing and addressing mental health issues, implementing wellness programs, and maintaining a healthy work-life harmony.

By attending the 11th Women Advance IT Leadership Exchange, you will be equipped with the knowledge, skills, and network to excel as a leader in the tech industry. Join us for two days of inspiration, learning, and connection with fellow women leaders driving the future of technology.
Join us at the Women Advance IT Leadership Exchange to be a part of a movement that celebrates and elevates women in IT. Together, we can pave the way for a more inclusive and diverse technological future.

Who Should Attend?

Emerging Female IT Professionals, Experienced Women in IT, Women in IT Leadership Roles, Aspiring Women Leaders in IT, Male Allies in IT, HR Professionals and Diversity Officers, Tech Start-up Founders and Entrepreneurs.


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