Stakeholder & Community Engagement Exchange

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R 9,999 Excl vat (per delegate)  In-Person.
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In today's dynamic business environment, effective stakeholder engagement is paramount for organizations striving to drive sustainable impact and achieve Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) excellence. This exchange brings together industry leaders, experts, and practitioners to explore innovative strategies and best practices in stakeholder engagement across various dimensions.

Key issues to be discussed include:

The objective of this exchange is to provide participants with insights, strategies, and practical tools to enhance stakeholder engagement, promote Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) excellence, drive social impact through Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives, foster strategic partnerships for sustainability, harness digital tools for stakeholder interaction, and empower communities through Asset-Based Community Development (ABCD) programs. By addressing these key topics, the exchange will equip attendees with the knowledge and resources needed to navigate the complexities of stakeholder engagement, maximize opportunities for collaboration, and drive sustainable success in their organizations and communities.

Key Themes:
Navigating Complexity: Unravelling Challenges and Seizing Opportunities in Stakeholder Engagement
•    Explore the complexities inherent in stakeholder engagement and learn how to overcome challenges while leveraging opportunities for growth and development.
Stakeholder Synergy: The Keystone of ESG Excellence
•    Discover the importance of stakeholder synergy in achieving ESG goals and explore ways to foster collaboration and alignment for sustainable excellence.
Advancing Change: Driving Social Impact through CSR
•    Learn how Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives can drive meaningful change and social impact and explore innovative approaches to CSR implementation.
Measuring the Impact of Your Stakeholder Engagement Strategy
•    Learn how to align your measurement techniques with your strategic objectives.
Next-Gen Engagement: Harnessing Digital Tools for Stakeholder Insights and Interaction
•    Delve into the latest digital tools (Including AI) and technologies for stakeholder engagement and discover how to leverage them to gain valuable insights and foster interactive communication.
Empowering Communities: Implementing Asset-Based Community Development Programmes
•    Learn about Asset-Based Community Development (ABCD) programs and discover how they empower communities to drive positive change and sustainable development from within.

Who Should Attend?

•    Corporate leaders and executives responsible for stakeholder engagement and sustainability initiatives.
•    CSR professionals and practitioners seeking to drive social impact and sustainability.
•    Community organizers and development practitioners involved in community engagement and empowerment.
•    Digital strategists and technology enthusiasts interested in leveraging digital tools for stakeholder interaction.
•    Policy makers and government officials involved in crafting sustainable development agendas.


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