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Overview This summit will provide you with a valuable survival kit and a complete set of tools and techniques to deal with every aspect of your ever-changing role. Walk away with a Manager’s perspective for problem-solving, planning and coordinating; create rapport and gain influence; improve interpersonal interaction; increase productivity and contribute more to your organization
13th – 14th September, 2018 Michelangelo Hotel on Nelson Mandela Square Sandton Johannesburg Overview This summit exclusively focuses on the increasingly important topic of employment contracts under South African  employment law. It is key to understanding executive employment law and specifically, the contract as it pertains to executive managers and their relations with their employers
Maximizing organisational performance through agile, secure and responsible procurement 25th-26th October, 2018 Michelangelo Hotel Sandton Johannesburg Overview Procurement as a strategic business function is developing and innovating rapidly. The Procurement Officer Summit 2018 is your chance to hear from procurement leaders about innovations in the field, updates regarding the future of procurement as a profession