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Overview This summit is one of the fastest growing events in South Africa. It aims to facilitate the growth and progression of women and girls in technology. It also serves as a knowledge base to empower them to knock down barriers and take their seats at the table. Why attend The summit is packed with
16th – 17th May, 2019 Michelangelo Hotel on Nelson Mandela Square Sandton Johannesburg Overview Contracts are an essential part of doing business in our society. But what elements does a contract need to have in it in order to actually ‘work? Two things, in particular: The contract needs to be valid and it needs to be enforceable. Join
Improving Employee Experience to Foster a Brand-Centric Culture 6th – 7th June, 2019 Michelangelo Hotel on Nelson Mandela Square Sandton Johannesburg. Summit Overview. The Internal Branding & Employee Experience Summit is designed to help you strengthen corporate culture, engage employees at all levels, align your internal brand with your organisation’s mission, and ultimately create a top-rated