The Virtual Work Skills Online Course


  • 1. A solid foundational understanding of the six competencies that make up the term "digital literacy"
  • 2. The practical application of these competencies in the digital world of work
  • 3. Learn how to build a personal brand, realise business objectives, and collaborate with others from all over the world

Why this COURSE

Digital Literacy (and Fluency), which is not to be confused with Computer Literacy, is one of the most in demand skills in the rapidly expanding digital economy. Expect the demand to grow exponentially as we race into this decade.

This essential skill is required to work in modern digital workplaces, communicate with the modern digital customer and to be a responsible digital citizen. Being digitally literate and fluent, that is, having virtual work skills, will ensure that you are able to use technology effectively working from anywhere you choose.

How it WORKS


Book and pay for the course.


Receive course outline & introductory information


Attend each session online and live from the comfort of your home or office, via your PC, Laptop, Tablet or Smartphone (stable WiFi/Mobile Data connection is a requirement)


Gain access to a private online group where additional resources will be shared. You will also be supported as you apply your new learnings, in a safe environment for practical application of the skills you are learning.

Course Outline


Communication & Collaboration

Gain the skill to participate in digitally rich work environments

Learn about Enterprise Social Networks and their role in digital work environments


Career and Identity Management &
Lifelong Learning Skills

Gain the skill to manage your digital reputation and online identity

Learn how to study & learn effectively in technology rich environments


ICT Literacy & Information Literacy

Learn how to adopt, adapt and use digital devices, applications & services

Learn how to find, interpret, evaluate, manage and share credible information


Media Literacy and Q&A

Learn how to creatively produce professional communication media for consumption in the digital economy

Learn about the power of video in online communication


This two day seminar is open to all professionals interested in improving their digital Literacy. If you are a Line Manager, Supervisor, Senior Manager or any professional looking to improve their Virtual Skills, then this is a must attend.


The programme consists of four modules, presented in four, 1-hour sessions. You can decide to do this either as a 1-hour session on a Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday or over 2 weeks (eg every Tuesday and Thursday)

Delivery is a blend of self-paced and Instructor-led sessions. Each module consists of pre-recorded material which attendees need to work through before attending the live 1-hour session for that Module. The reason we have done this is so that the hour we are together live can be spent on answering questions and exploring aha’s the pre-recorded material has created. It also gives attendees the opportunity to come to each live session 100% prepared.



Instructor Bio PETER DU TOIT

Peter has always had a keen interest in technology and its impact on how business is done.

Throughout his business career he has been an early adopter and as a result he’s described by his peers as “being ahead of his time” and “visionary.” In early 2005 he founded a consultancy, Social Media IQ, which helped individuals and brands use modern communication technology to gain brand exposure and drive business objectives. The consultancy did work for, amongst others, The Kingdom of The Netherlands Embassy, Momentum, Canon and Unilever. In early 2016 Social Media IQ was rebranded as FutureWork IQ which specialises in helping businesses prepare for the disruptive future of work and in so doing, future proof their businesses.

Peter was enrolled in a speaking school by his parents at the tender age of 6 and as a result of years of experience speaking to thousands of people, he has gained the ability to both inspire and convey a message in a powerful succinct way. He is a master public speaker who will leave you with a clear understanding of the topic at hand and enough inspiration to take action.


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