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About Us

Established in 2009, The Conference Hub is a leading professional development provider. We research, produce and deliver an extensive range of conferences, summits, workshops and in-house training engagements. These events attract the participation of business leaders and professionals from many of the world’s leading brands

Our unique events provide our clients with the opportunity to share experiences and exchange ideas with regard to leading change and performance improvement in a dynamic business environment.


Our expertise lies in our intimate knowledge of business markets and their ecosystems. We have strong knowledge and networks and use these to create our business events. We research business issues, connections and networks within the market and identify skill gaps in organizations. We then develop conferences, summits and workshops that address these gaps. Of course, excellence in delivery is a guaranteed.
We work hard to ensure that our programmes follow a well planned and logical structure and always address the most pertinent and strategic issues. Our thoroughly researched agendas aim to match the right speaker to the right topic. We therefore do not do a “call for papers” or ask people to submit potential presentations. Instead, the Conference Producers, who are responsible for writing the programmes and securing senior-level speakers across all of our events, invite executives from key ‘core’ companies within the sector to present case studies or address a key issue affecting the industry.


The Conference Hub’s number one goal has been to keep our customers satisfied, thereby earning their loyalty. Every procedure we put in place is designed to avoid pitfalls that can make your experience with us any less than perfect.


To provide practical conferences, seminars, workshops and in-house training programs that are up to date with industry trends, technological developments and the regulatory landscape. The company maintains the highest standards of quality and service in research, technology and product development. Our commitment to service and quality are the basis for our reputation as the leading provider of business intelligence.

Our Values


We can be relied on by our clients to provide the necessary platform for interaction that can take your career and organization to another level.


Learn from our highly skilled speakers and facilitators who are also practitioners in today’s competitive and challenging business world. Their real-world experience gives them an intimate understanding of the issues and challenges you face every day.


We actively motivate people to see things and do things differently.