Community and Stakeholder Engagement 2019 will examine and present the best practice and innovative engagement strategies across a diverse section of the economy. This engaging summit will inspire cutting edge strategy and collaboration with leading engagement innovators. The summit will equip you with the knowledge and essential skills to ensure effective community and stakeholder engagement necessary for today’s business climate

The summit will feature topics such as:

  • Creating tailored engagement strategies to avoid a “one size fits all” mentality
  • Examining and measuring the success of your engagement strategy
  • Best practice in developing engagement strategies for multicultural communities
  • Integrating community engagement to incident response
  • Best practice for rapid response engagement in a crisis
  • Engagement strategies for effective cross-sector partnerships
  • Best practice for issues management in stakeholder engagement
  • Engaging internal stakeholders to drive business growth
  • Stakeholder management in the age of A.I and machine learning

Who’s attending?

This event will bring together leaders in community and stakeholder engagement. Stakeholder Engagement Managers, Community Engagement Managers, Head of communications/ communications managers, Head of Public Relations/Public Relations Managers, Digital / Online Engagement Managers




    1. Ellah Kekana June 29, 2017 at 3:58 pm ·

      I am interested . Please forward registration form .