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Workplace flexibility and remote work are becoming important strategic considerations for organizations and the reasons are ample and sometimes pressing. The reasons can range from being able to attract top talent not in a company’s geographic location, to retaining talent that they would otherwise lose to being able to reduce office space. It could also be to create a productive and nibble organization.

This programme is designed to show you step-by-step how to design and deploy a workplace that enables work to be done from anywhere in the world.

Method of Delivery

The programme consists of four modules, presented in four, 1-hour sessions.

You can decide to do this either as a 1-hour session on a Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday or over 2 weeks (eg every Tuesday and Thursday)

Delivery is a blend of self-paced and Instructor-led sessions. Each module consists of pre-recorded material which attendees need to work through before attending the live 1-hour session for that Module. The reason we have done this is so that the hour we are together live can be spent on answering questions and exploring aha’s the pre-recorded material has created. It also gives attendees the opportunity to come to each live session 100% prepared.

Delivery Who Should Attend?

This programme is designed for leadership teams who want to make flexible and remote working a permanent feature in their business. Essential attendees are:

  1. The C-Suite executive/s that will oversee the transition
  2. The HR manager/s who will be responsible for the people transition
  3. The IT manager/s who will be responsible for technology and security


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