Maximizing organisational performance through agile, secure and responsible procurement

25th-26th October, 2018 Michelangelo Hotel Sandton Johannesburg


Procurement as a strategic business function is developing and innovating rapidly. The Procurement Officer Summit 2018 is your chance to hear from procurement leaders about innovations in the field, updates regarding the future of procurement as a profession and more. Attend this summit to understand how to profit from recent developments and streamline your procurement operations.

Key Issues to be discussed Include:

    • Understand and convey the strategic value added through procurement
    • Leadership strategies for procurement transformation
    • Building an ethical and transparent supply chain
    • Integrating risk management into your tendering strategy
    • Effective contract management for agile and efficient Processes
    • Implement sustainable procurement to achieve economic, social and environmental success
    • Develop a supplier relationship management framework to drive innovation, delivery certainty and realize value
  • Who’s attending?

Decision makers and buyers of your products, services or solutions as well as senior and emerging leaders seeking to build their careers, strengthen their procurement and supply chain teams, and with an interest in developing more robust, productive and cost efficient practices and processes.

Attendees will include:

Strategic Sourcing Executives & Managers, Procurement & Purchasing Management,Supplier/Vendor Managers, Supply Chain Personnel, Commercial & Contract /managers, Programme & Project Managers, Project Engineers, and technical support and Planning and Operations Managers