Why sponsor an upcoming event?

Sponsorship is a highly effective marketing channel and sales lead generator. Sponsoring business events achieves exposure to audiences of significance and influence. Use your involvement at our events to showcase your expertise to our pre-qualified and influential audiences of decision-makers.

Qualified Target Market

Our conferences provide extremely high visibility for firms interested in networking with qualified prospects possessing verifiable purchasing authority.

Qualified Leads

The opportunity to meet with industry-leading speakers and senior-level attendees. These prospects are professionals who share your concerns about the targeted topic area.

Prestigious Business Environment

Our events provide a professional, educational environment conducive to learning and conducting business.

Value for Money

Association with The Conference Hub’s events provides a cost-effective method to target key decision-makers. The potential for new business landed through contacts at the event can more than cover the cost of your sponsorship.

Sponsorship Options

Platinum Conference Sponsorship

These are the Premier options, designed to be exclusive for each event, and is the highest quality package we are able to put together to profile a company at an event.

It has the opportunity to speak on the programme with a client as a case study, includes the highest brand visibility. There is also an opportunity to make a short address to the audience at a key point during the event.

Gold Conference Sponsorship

The Gold option is the next level of partnership, and is still designed to be a high level of brand partnership and awareness at an event. The Gold option may also come with the opportunity for presentation, again with a client as case study based.

Silver Conference Sponsorship

The Silver option comes with the chance to have an exhibition booth, several guest passes for clients as well as branding rights on the web, collateral and on the day.

Hospitality Sponsorship

Networking Drinks and Lunch Sponsorship

The opportunity to host the Networking Drinks function or Lunch is a great way to mix and mingle with the delegates in a social setting, and is a way of associating with the hospitality aspect of the event. It also offers branding and guest passes for the full event. Exclusive branding is permitted by the Drinks/Lunch Sponsor for this activity, and a welcome address is possible from the stage

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