Internal communication is paramount to an organization’s ability to effectively collaborate with a diverse workforce, align messaging to corporate values, and drive enterprise-wide performance through engaged and empowered employees. Designing and sustaining an internal communication strategy that addresses emerging tools and technologies, addresses the evolving complexities of a diverse workforce and, at the same time, creates the sense of empowerment, is a challenge for communicators already tasked with so many varying responsibilities. Internal communicators must find creative and innovative solutions to disseminate key information to workforce at the right time in a way that resonates and is meaningful


Key Issues to be discussed Include:

  • Creating consistent internal brand marketing messages that will build loyalty
  • Targeting and streamlining messaging to engage employees based on the situation
  • Insights from neuroscience for improving internal brand communication and employee engagement
  • Exploring emerging trends in creative and visual content for employee engagement
  • Measuring the effectiveness of internal branding & maximizing ROI
  • Bringing life to your internal branding strategy – redesign, revitalize, and refresh
  • Effectively managing legal aspects of digital communication, and technology use in the workplace
  • Designing a digital workplace that contributes to employee performance
  • Engaging employees and keeping them engaged during times of organizational change

Who’s attending?

Internal Communication, Corporate Communication, Employer Branding, Emerging/Digital Media, Social Media/ New Media, Public Relations/ Affairs, Corporate Brand & Identity, Intranet Communications, Human Resources and Employee Engagement ,Organizational Transformation & Development



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      I am interested . Please forward registration form .