This summit will provide you with a valuable survival kit and a complete set of tools and techniques to deal with every aspect of your ever-changing role. Walk away with a Manager’s perspective for problem-solving, planning and coordinating; create rapport and gain influence; improve interpersonal interaction; increase productivity and contribute more to your organization

The summit will feature topics such as:

  • What is expected of Executive Support in today’s business climate
  • Toolkit for women in Executive Support & Admin
  • Applying the Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) to your role
  • Modern business writing skills
  • Making your work-life balance work better for you
  • Escalating career progression – Harnessing the power of personal branding
  • By the end of the two days, you will gain immediate benefits such as:
    • An understanding and appreciation of your current and future responsibilities as an EA/PA or Administrator
    • Skills to be a valuable team player & manager with those working directly with you
    • Effective communication and people skills to effectively communicate with your boss, your team and others around you
    • A repertoire of managerial skills & abilities to keep your boss & team functioning with as much efficiency as possible
    • Techniques for personal development inside and out of your work environment
    • Build and maintain positive relationships to minimize conflict and maximize your contribution to performance and productivity
  • Network with your peers from various job functions across a range of companies and find out what the industry practice is for your role as well as new insights and developments.

Who’s attending?

The program is suitable for all administrative professionals from any industry who is involved in executive support or manage an office environment within the organization including: Executive/Personal, Assistants, Executive Secretaries, Administrative Assistants, Secretaries, Office Managers /, Administrators, Research Assistants, Media Assistants, Editorial Assistants,, Marketing Assistants, Legal Secretaries, and Department Coordinators



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      I am interested . Please forward registration form .