We design in-house trainings which are custom-tailored to your needs and specifications.

Benefits of In-house Training:

  • Enables a cost efficient and time flexible training framework.
  • Customized to address specific organizational or capability needs.
  • An interactive means of team bonding as well as educational.
  • Enables the ability to debrief as a team, and directly apply learnings collectively

Employee Relations In-House Training

This training provides a unique opportunity for practitioners to focus on professional development. You will hear from a range of experts who will cover the current and pressing industrial relations and legal issues

Enabling Workplace Flexibility & Remote Working In-House Training

We will explore all the latest research on remote work productivity, staff engagement, and company cost savings as well as how this way of working fits into a business continuity plan.

Virtual Work Skills for the Modern Workplace In-House Training

This event will be delivered live with the assistance of Video Streaming technology to allow delegates and the presenter to participate and interact from their office, their home or wherever they may be

Advanced Media Skills In-House Training

This Advanced Media Skills Training workshop is a highly interactive communications intervention that will go a long way in preparing you for any issue-based interaction with the media, taking the basics of Media Skills Training to a much higher level.

Crisis Communication In-House Training

It’s easy to become complacent in a non-crisis environment. But don’t get caught off guard, every organisation is vulnerable to crises. The time to prepare for a crisis is before it hits.

Customer Care for Frontline Staff In-House Training

Customer care for frontline staff is designed to equip customer facing employees with skills and competencies needed to achieve customer service excellence. Attend this event and become fully skilled in all functions of customer care.


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