Workforce Mental Wellbeing & Anxiety Management Virtual Summit
22th - 23th April, 2021

While many of us are trying slow the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, a massive mental health pandemic is also brewing. Fears about COVID-19, the economic meltdown, and prolonged social-isolation are all taking a toll on mental health. In this climate, the professional wellbeing of your team will depend heavily on their personal well-being. Your capacity to support their well-being depends on your ability to maintain your own mental health.

People & Future of Work Summit
20th - 21th May, 2021

HYBRID DELIVERY- This event will be delivered live with both in-person and virtual attendees with the aid of video streaming technology. We recognize that in this time many are either unable to or uncomfortable to attend events in person. Our in-person attendees can attend with confidence knowing that The Conference Hub has put into action several special measures to ensure effective and safe delivery of events. Our event venues are COVID-Safe, and we ensure that all events follow strict social distancing, safety, and hygiene measures to provide a safe learning environment for all attendees. For this reason, in-person attendees will be capped at 50 delegates.